Leather care

– Colours of leather may appear differently on monitors. Leather naturally will over time darken in colour.

– Please, bear in mind that because we paint our items by hand, colour of items can vary slightly.

– Edges of leather items will rub off a little with time. It is a natural feature of leather.

– If your leather item becomes wet, dyes can leach out, this will stop over time. If your leather item does get wet we recommend using a leather conditioner to help put back in oils that have been lost.

– Brass and stainless steel hardware may become dull over time. To get the shine back you can use a special cleaner for brass\ stainless steel.

– Trigger clips may become stiff over time, especially if it left in a wet place. You can use multi purpose oil to lubricate the springs and get the clip working smoothly again.

– Leather loses its natural oil every day, this needs to be put back in to stop it drying out and cracking. Apply special oil for leather tack 2-3\month and leather conditioner about once a week and after every cleaning and to keep your item in good condition.

– To clean your leather item wipe first with lukewarm water and a sponge. Once it has dried naturally you can apply a good quality leather balm.

– Do not leave leather products on or near a radiator, oven or fire as this will cause the leather to dry out.

– Regularly check items for wear and tear. If your item becomes damaged please contact us to arrange a repair.

Other products care

– Keep it clean and dry.

– Clean items by hands or use «Hand Wash» program of your washing machine. Clean only in cold water (up to 30°С) with colour protecting washing powder.

– Do not dry it on a radiator or under the open sun. All syntenic materials will naturally lose the colour with time, but open sun, often or incorrect washing and drying will make that process much faster.