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Be careful of scammers! Joya International and others

Joya international scammers

⚠️Attention! These are scammers!⚠️

Thanks to our caring subscriber, we found another scammers.

This time it’s a company name “Joya international” that stole photos and descriptions from our site, posted them on their site and are trying to pass off our products as their own. Be careful!!

🚫We are NOT affiliated with this company!

🚫 We do NOT post our products on their site!

🚫 We do NOT sell our products through them!

🚫 We did NOT give them permission to copy our products!

✅ All our item are handcrafted in our family workshop in Spain. Nowhere else. We make all of our products ONLY to order and accept orders ONLY through our own website and our Etsy page Lazypony!

⛔️ Don’t buy into the scam! Do not buy cheap fakes and do not feed scammers!

But it is not an end of story. Our attentive subscribers sent us a link to the account of a person (@vuuscanter @kaktuntalli) who sells cheap replicas of our branded sidepull Lazypony and call them Vuuscanter Futura – kuolaimettomat suitset . What we published a post about it in our social networks. Her reaction was wonderful and opened up a whole network of scammers! Oh now, first things first.

✅ 1) So, it turned out that in India there is a fraudulent company, Joya International, which copies products from various popular horse tack brands to its website, calls itself their manufacturer and puts them up for sale. They copy literally everything: description, photo, etc. Our bridles also got there. We already wrote about this on our social networks, but before we thought that they were just scammers who received orders and disappeared with the money. But everything turned out to be MUCH better! They really make cheap knockoffs of branded tack and sell them. Such is the factory for the production of “branded” Abibas sneakers.

✅ 2) The heroine of our story buys these cheap replicas from them, marking them up IN TIMES (the Indian “manufacturer” sells these “exclusive handmade products made from Spanish leather of the highest quality” for 24-30 dollars apiece. It’s even scary to think about the real quality of such “exclusive” ), and displays them on her website and social networks as her products.

3) Further, after our post, she writes on her social networks that we are slandering her and that she is an honest seller and bought these products from the manufacturer and did not understand that they were fakes. And there were even commentators who accuse us (!), those from who are actually the victim of theft, of being envious and not allowing honest Finnish business to develop. Guys, she sell you Indian counterfeits at a tenfold markup, and there is still some people who protects her! 🤤 REALLY?))

✅ 4) He who has eyes to see, let him see. These Indian scammers simply copied the description from our website Lazypony, used our own photographs (where is literally OUR OWN HORSE on them, a very Spanish horse living in very Spain), but they didn’t even remove the name of our brand Lazypony from the name of the product! They are so arrogant that when copying the description from our website, they didn’t even correct the phrase “Handmade in Spain”, but just a little higher they themselves write that “made in India”. When did India become part of Spain? Apparently we somehow missed this…

We are giving you a LINK to this site so that you can see everything with your own eyes.

By the way, there you can buy COMPLETELY original Miklem bridles for 11 dollars and many more “original branded items of the highest quality” in the range from 10 to 30 euros per piece. You were just stupid before and bought them for hundreds of euros, but now you know where to buy the original for 10 dollars). Be smart, people))

✅ Seriously, decide for yourself whether this knockoffs seller from Finland is really so naive and doesn’t understand all this or whether there is another reason for this situation. Judging by our correspondence with her, she plans to continue selling you these knockoffs. Well, you decide for yourself whether you want to buy Indian knockoffs made from hell-know-what and by hell-know-whom, or original, handmade to order branded items. The price is the same🤤

Even despite the great wave of indignation in the Finnish-speaking part of the Internet, the seller (@vuuscanter @kaktuntalli) still decided to keep selling the knockoffs for our sidepull that she purchased in India for 28 dollars per piece for 140 euros per piece, i.e. with a markup of about 400%. The evolution of this price may also interest you, see it above.

After a huge scandal, which, thanks to the efforts of the knockoffs seller herself, never subsided, she finally removed the words “handmade” and “made from Spanish leather” from the description and added that the product was “made in India”, however, she continues to sell these cheap knockoffs under their own brand and at exorbitant prices. She continues to pretend that she does not understand the difference between “selling analogues” and “selling knockoffs of branded items”, between “locating you own production in India” and “buying counterfeits from scammers”, between “reasonable markup” and “selling cheap fakes at the price of branded items,” etc.

Accusing her subscribers of bullying for trying to ask her uncomfortable questions, and us of unfair competition, she continues to slander us in her endless stories and posts, questioning our authorship of the design, as well as the fact that our products are handcrafted, i.e. disseminates false information about our company, which is one of the definitions of unfair competition. Hope one day someone will tell her that it is useless to ban the company’s official account in an attempt to hide her posts from it.

We could write you that buying fakes at exorbitant prices is throwing away your money; they can be unsafe for you and your horse; that knockoffs making factories are an exploitation of people and an illegal business, no one there is responsible for the safety and quality of products and etc., but you know it all, you wrote us so many letters with such detailed analysis of the situation, that it is even strange to repeat you your own words. All rational people have long understood everything. @vuuscanter @kaktuntalli wants to sell you all these cheap fakes at a huge price so as not to lose the money she spent on buying them, as well as the profit she wanted to make from it. Well, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to buy cheap, low-quality fakes for a lot of money in order to support the seller of knockoffs or you do not want to.