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  1. Great product and great price! Personalized and made perfectly with the highest quality materials! Customer service is excellent! Due to my mistake I was about to order the wrong size and they were very attentive and very kind! Really recommended!

  2. My old bridle broke and this looked the best bitless bridle out there! The bridle material is soft and cushiony ( super important for a bridle that relies on external head pressure) and fits my mare perfectly.It arrives quickly and comes with a thoughtful letter on leather care.How lucky my horse and I are that we found this product!

    Image #1 from Adrie Kalenian
  3. Beautiful leather, amazing turnaround from ordering to receipt. My Morgan mares seem to be right on the border of sizes so I do need to add a hole on the jaw, and to shorten the strap – and I want to find someone to do that for me. My horses are comfortable without the noseband!

  4. I live in the US and with it being shipped overseas there was a longer delay than expected. This was by no means the sellers fault. Item came in beautiful condition and fits perfectly.

  5. Absolutely thrilled with the color and texture of these reins.

  6. Excellent quality. Order was very customized, and they delivered!

  7. I live in the US and was looking for a quality maker of dog collars and tack. This maker does excellent work. Soft leather, neat sewing and eye for detail. Only challenge is picking colors accurately. I love my collars and harness but did expect the brown to be lighter and more golden than it was. Seller did their best to accommodate me and let me know it may be different than what I expected. It’s still amazing and looks great on my dog. I would buy it again

    Image #1 from OwlDreams
  8. Beautifully made harness. Heavy weight leather and hardware. Fits my dog well overall but I should have asked for a slightly longer chest piece as my dog is deep chested but narrow. Similar to a whippet build. I ordered a medium as he is on the edge of medium/large. It only fits him on the last hole. I was afraid the two shoulder buckles would have too much extra length if I bought a large. I could have trimmed those down in retrospect. Not makers fault!

    Image #1 from OwlDreams
  9. Highly recommend this beautiful Martingale collar. Functions well, comfortable for my dog. Gorgeous leather. Excellent craftsmanship. Brown is darker than I expected but choosing leather color online is challenging. Maker did their best to accommodate me and I would buy again but order a lighter color. I highly recommend this seller.

    Image #1 from OwlDreams
  10. A very high quality halter…black with a dark blue backing…cleanly and precisely sewn from the best leather…I can only praise it and recommend it!