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  1. Very nicely made! Great quality

  2. Custom width, nice color. Fits perfectly

  3. So beautiful and well made. I am so excited to use this!

  4. Beautifu!l it looks great on my horse

  5. Big thank you to Lazy Pony of Lazypony workshop for my new Mosquero for Luna and PURPLE REINS!!!! 🤩💜🤩💜🤩

    Image #1 from Hera
  6. Beautiful!! 😍 excellent quality leather and very well made this is going to look awesome on my horse!

  7. This bridle is absolutely amazing, it was everything I hoped it would be and the seller was very kind! As soon as it came out of the box I was in love! The keepers on it are metal which I like and I’ve never seen before.I love the thick crown piece and cavesson as well.The leather is high quality and shipping from not only Europe to America,but a hand made item was very quick.Im rough on my tack so I’m unsure of how it will hold up but I have high hopes it will do nicely.Also I’m sorry about my model, he’s not exactly photographic.😂

    Image #1 from Margaret
  8. Absolutely beautiful workmanship and quality…thank you so much for what will be a lifetime of riding with this amazing bridle!

  9. Exactly what I was looking for!

    Image #1 from Ronja
  10. Excellent birthday gift for friend!