How to order

– Straight from our website and pay by dedit or credit cards or PayPal;
– By email your order to Please include the item name, size, etc and your contact information. We will then send you an invoice.

How to pay

– Virtual POS: payment by card. It is an online payment system that will allow you to pay your order through your credit or debit card. It is a totally secure payment method and no third party can access your card details, it is a purchase between customer and bank. We give you the option to buy with your card as you do in any physical store.
– Pay Pal: secure and easy online payment service that offers secure purchase guarantees for both the buyer and the seller. Your data is encrypted by paypal so that it is never disclosed to the seller. With just 2 clicks you can make your payment in a calm and safe way. If you do not have a paypal account you can register and create one very easily at
Transfer or deposit in bank account: the order will be confirmed once we receive the transfer in our account. Remember to put your order number in “Subject”.

VAT is included to the price.