Why do we prefer hand stitch our tack?

anatomic halter

All our leather items we sew using hand stitch technique. Why? Because we really care a lot about our custumers and their security. Hand stitches are much more strong and durable that machine one. While we stitch by hand the threads actually pass through the leather from the front to the back and vice-versa at every stitch. If one stitch is worn away, the rest do not loosen but continue to hold the leather. It means hand stitching last much longer than machine stitching. That is why handstitch is a fantastic and time-tested method of sewing and can be used to with great success on many items.

Durability is essencial for horse tack because it is a safety for horse and rider. Dog owners also know how important it is. With Lazypony handcrafted items you can be sure of your dog’s safety. Even the largest and strongest dog will not be able to break it our hand stitched collars, leads, harnesses and other stuff.

As experienced horse and dog owners, we know how important the functionality and quality of equipment is. In addition, like you, we prefer it to be beautiful! And it is one more reason why we prefer hand stitches to machine once. It looks gorgeous and luxury!

Noseband for halters