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Types of dog accessories

dog harness

What types of dog accessories do you know? The simplest answer will be collars, leads and harnesses. But there is a huge range of it in reality. Let’s talk about collars first. Dog in collar is a first picture in our mind, when we think about dog equipment. Classic collar with one buckle is a first choose. It is simple, widespread and fits for most dogs. But some dogs have special needs. For example, dogs with long and graceful neck needs extra support. For them it is always better to choose classic hound collars. Hound collars are wider in the middle and prevent dog’s neck of injuries when it pulls the leash.

craved dog collar

Hound collar also can be martingale collar. Benefits of a martingale collar is that is does not give a dog an opportunity to escape the collar. That is very helpful for dogs whose neck and head have more or less the same size. Classical collar also can be made as a martingale. With martingale collar you do not need to buy tight collars. Martingale collar will sit softly when dog does not pull the lead but tight when it pulls. Any type of dog collar may have soft pad for comfort of your dog. Collar padding can be made of different materials. In our family workshop Lazypony we use for it soft leather, napa, and neoprene for nylon dog collars. The pad is not only for comfort. It also for style. Contrasting pad make collar looks fantastic!

Leads are also very widespread types of dog accessories. There are a lot of models of dog leashes. It can be durable and elegant leather dog lead. Or if you have two or more dogs you can choose a coupler. With a coupler lead you can easily walk several dogs together holding only one lead. Do you have a big dog and looking for short lead? Here, in our family workshop Lazypony you can order a perfect top-quality short leather dog lead.

short dog lead

There are all types of dog accessories? No, there is also a huge rage of dog harnesses. We made harnesses of high-quality saddlery leather. Lazypony leather dog harnesses suitable for medium and large dog. It made in an anatomic H-shape and has a Y-shaped breastplate. That ergonomic construction diverts force away from a dog’s throat onto its shoulders The harness suits both for walking and training. It has four adjustable straps and side release buckle for perfect fit and easy use. Harnesses from Lazypony workshop are also beautiful! You can choose the color of leather, pads, threads and hardware. Let your dog’s harness express its personality!

dog harness