How to choose a right halter

Halter Banana

How to choose a right halter for your horse? A halter is an essential item for every stable. Every horse owner has at least 1-2 halters for every his horse. Halters can offer a fashion statement, identify your horse, be a training tool and be an integral part of showing success.

Red leather horse halter

Leather halters

A quality leather halter is what many horse owners prefer to choose. Leather halters come in traditional sizes like Cob, Horse/Full and Oversize.  Sizing it correctly will be important for appearance and functionality. To fit leather halter properly use available adjustments on the crownpiece and noseband. Leather halters require regular cleaning and conditioning to stay looking and performing their best. Leather halters are more expensive than other but there are very durable and will serve you for many years if you care for it properly.

Halter Pear

Nylon halters

Nylon halters are cheaper than leather ones. They are popular as an everyday use that doesn’t need the same attention as leather would. Nylon halters are available in different colors and that’s why easy to find a design you want. Good quality nylon halters are very strong, espesially when it has a brass or stainless steel hardware, like we use in our family workshop Lazypony.

What type of halter to choose? Leather halters – classic, durable, but expensive. Nylon halters – bright, strong and mostly cheaper then leather one. Whatever you choose, don’t forget about quality. Quality – is essential for your horse’s safe. In our workshop Laypony we made both leather and nylon halters. We use only high-quality materials and brass\ stainless steel hardware. 100% handcrafted in sunny Spain!