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Classic, hound and martingale dog collars

Decorated red hound god collar

Dog collars are designed for walking, training, identification and off course fashion. Choose the right collar could mean a safer and more enjoyable communication for the both of you. There are a lot of types of collars but let’s talk about 3 of them: classic, martingale and hound.  

Flat or classic collar

Pretty much every dog owner is familiar with a that type of collar. It’s the most common type of collar. Well trained dog should be able to walk on the flat collar without any problems because they shouldn’t lunge, pull, or misbehave in some way. Also it is a good type to identification. It’s a very gentle on a dog’s neck when used properly. You can express your personal style with a variety of dog collars for everyday use.  Do you prefer lether or nylon one? Try both! Here you can choose handmade leather dog collars and here bright nylon one from our family workshop Lazypony.

Decorated blue dog collar

Martingale collar

Also known as limited slip collars or Greyhound collars. Martingale dog collars are used to prevent dogs from slipping out of collars while walking on a leash. They tighten when the dog pulls, but with a built-in limitation on how tight the collar can slip. Often made out of nylon or leather. Lazypony martingale collars made of nylon are available in a variety of colors. Also you can choose throw out various leather martingale collars.

Martingale сollar Spain

Hound collars

The hound collars made especially for dogs with long graceful necks such as greyhounds and whippets but will look good on any breed. It is wider in the middle to prevent damage of the neck and throat if your dog pulls the lead. Do you prefer plain or fancy one? In our workshop Lazypony we made a hound collars in different style which will last you for years!

Decorated blue hound god collar