1. Lynda Sappington

    This pad is everything they said and more! It fits my 26 year old dressage horse with a dropped back and high withers, and it fits my 14 hand Haflinger pony that has mutton withers. The pad with panels doesn’t slide AT ALL on that pony and gives a comfortable ride on both of them. I asked for the high withers option and am very pleased with how it fits both my horse and pony. And it arrived from Spain 2 weeks after I ordered it! US Mail isn’t moving that fast! I love the blue trim, which is actually more teal (my favorite color) than the sky blue it looked like online. It came with a grab strap, which is nice. The stirrups are attached so they give you a proper dressage seat, not a chair seat. The pads over the stirrup rings make the twist feel wide, but for the casual riding I’m doing, it’s fine. Outstanding value overall!

    Bareback Pad Dressage LPBareback Pad Dressage LP

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    Image #1 from Lynda Sappington
  2. Sarah McMillan

    Sarah McMillanThis is a beautifully crafted quality cavesson. Fits perfectly, and was exactly what I wanted. Delivery was very fast! I highly recommend LazyPony leatherwork to any discerning horsey person 🙂 If I could afford to, I would buy the whole store!

    Brown leather cavessonBrown leather cavesson

  3. Kerri

    This is a beautiful and finely made bridle. My boy looks very handsome in it. The quality is top notch too. Very happy with this purchase.

    Brown baroque bridleBrown baroque bridle

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    Image #1 from Kerri
  4. Ian Lawson

    Great quality lead – exactly what I required. Very prompt delivery. Highly recommended. đź‘Śđź‘Ť

    Short dog lead LazyponyShort dog lead Lazypony

  5. Jacqueline Förtsch

    Hello,i have it.thank you very much.

    Bareback Pad Dressage LPBareback Pad Dressage LP

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    Image #1 from Jacqueline Förtsch
  6. Noemí Mulet

    Buenos dĂ­as,
    Hoy es el primer dĂ­a que le he probado el Lazy Pony a mi caballo y le queda genial!

    Bareback Pad Dressage LPBareback Pad Dressage LP

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    Image #1 from Noemí Mulet
  7. Cethin Ravenhill

    Thank you so much for the incredible service and the incredible items I have received. I just adore them. The spur straps are stunning, the dog collar fits perfectly, and the halter noseband… I think the pictures say it all!! STUNNING. I can’t thank you enough. I will definitely be ordering again ❤️

    Noseband for halters â„–2Noseband for halters â„–2

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    Image #1 from Cethin Ravenhill
    Image #2 from Cethin Ravenhill
  8. JenB

    My favourite place to get horse tack – I love every piece I get from here!

    Black western breastplateBlack western breastplate

  9. Heidi

    this is a lovely bridle, very well made and elegant! beautiful quality as well! thank you!

    Brown baroque bridleBrown baroque bridle

  10. simsallahbim

    Die barocke Trense und die Zügel sind von einer tollen Qualität und passen sehr gut. Gerade bei der Wahl der Größe bin ich sehr froh, dass ich der ausgezeichneten und geduldigen Beratung gefolgt bin. Die Zügel liegen angenehm und ruhig in der Hand. Habe beides fast täglich im Gebrauch und bin sehr glücklich damit.

    Leather reins LazyponyLeather reins Lazypony